Housing Zones Network expands

Building on its success over the last two years, the Housing Zones Network is now broadening out to address wider housing and development issues, and is now the London Housing Network.

Future of London set up the Housing Zones Network in 2015 to support the delivery of 75,000 homes across 30 zones by 2025. With the programme now well-established, Future of London, the GLA and programme co-sponsor Potter Raper Partnership agreed it was time to extend the HZN offer to a wider professional base.

The new London Housing Network is open to all Future of London members and those signed up to the original HZN. The London Housing Network offers:

  • Monthly topic-based events with presentations by practicing experts
  • A wider range of themes, with updates on popular topics such as PRS and viability
  • Updates on new initiatives, funding pots and consultations from the GLA
  • Opportunities to hear from peers and share best practice
  • New networking events from early 2018 (including invitations to all FoL mainstream events)

The LHN welcomes those who are new to the topic and those wanting to stay up to date (we’re considering occasional ‘newcomer’ and ‘expert’ sessions; let us know if that split is of interest to you).

Speakers and audience are a mix of cross-sector professionals from a diverse range of disciplines including housing, planning, transport, regeneration, economics, infrastructure, design, community engagement and more. Join in to build your knowledge and contact base, and take advantage of the online materials.

As with the HZN, FoL or Network membership allows organisations to send any number of participants throughout the year, provided we have space. If you’re interested but not sure of your organisation’s status, check the Members area on the home page, or drop us a line.

For more information on how to participate, or to join the mailing list for new events, contact LHN@futureoflondon.org.uk.