Leaders pitch innovative ideas to make London a better city

After a nine-month leadership development programme, the Leaders Plus group delivered their final presentation to an audience of built environment influencers. So who won the audience vote?

Congratulations to all the Leaders Plus candidates (LP10) who graduated this week and become part of a network over over 700 alumni of Future of London leadership programmes.

The final presentations give all candidates a chance to make a personal ‘pitch’ for an intervention or innovation that will benefit the city and its citizens. The theme for the presentations was cross-sector working and eye-catching ideas included:

  • Flat fares on London transport to support hybrid working
  • Battery powered-homes
  • Affordable shared ownership based on your income
  • Revolutionise planning training to equip planners with the skills they need
  • Putting children at the heart of placemaking
  • Automated waste collection for large development
  • Credit rating for developers delivering social value

The pitches were followed by a short graduation ceremony and networking reception, kindly hosted by legal firm TLT to celebrate the hard work and dedication of these brilliant candidates.

By completing the programme, every graduate is a winner but these were three presentations that won the audience vote for the their Proposals for London.

Audience vote: Joss Taylor, Bethany Cullen and Kosh Kar

Favourite Idea

Joss Taylor – Head of Enterprise & Placemaking, Bow Arts

Civic Credit Report

A Civic Credit Report would act as a publicly accessible evaluation of a developer’s commitment to delivering places that contribute to the positive growth of London. Much like a personal credit rating, a poor score would prevent the organisation from engaging on available development land.

The CCR score would be consistent in application, built against 5 key factors; affordable housing, active commercial spaces, public realm, public infrastructure and green infrastructure. The ambition is to hold the organisations shaping our future city accountable against a simple score, with their businesses impacted if they fail to perform.

Most Feasible

Bethany Cullen – Head of Development Management, LB Camden

Planning for Planners

The planning system is not broken, but implementation is becoming increasingly challenging due to the lack of skilled planners entering the public sector. Initiatives like Public Practice, apprenticeships and pathways to planning open the door but don’t address the fundamental issue that not enough planners consider a public sector career option. Those who do are unprepared for the work, adding to the burden on local authorities to train them.

Planning education focuses on history and theory, without enough time for technical, legal or other current skills. Planning for Planners is a collaboration between universities and local authorities, RTPI and DLUHC to transform planning education, with 2 years focused on critical planning issues and 2 years working in a local authority. The project will equip generations of planners with the skills to plan and deliver for a better future.

Best Pitch

Kosh Kar, Director, Ramboll

Battery Powered Homes?

Could we design residential developments to incorporate battery storage and decrease reliance on the electricity network? Consistently-high energy costs are increasing the level of extreme fuel poverty nationally – with more than 1mil households now spending over 20% of their disposable income on energy.

Looking forward, Net-Zero targets – established to mitigate the climate emergency – are reliant on an overburdened and under-invested electricity network, which will take decades to catch-up.

By rejecting outmoded design solutions and capitalising on existing technologies; could we work between policy, regulation and the market, to deliver homes that provide sustainable, affordable and equitable energy through localised battery storage systems.

Read all the LP10 candidates pitches here

Congratulations at all the candidates

  • Kate Batchelor, Head of Landscape & Placemaking , Peabody
  • Graham Clements, Team Leader, Development Management, GLA Good Growth
  • Bethany Cullen, Head of Development Management, LB Camden
  • Susan Curran, Head of Housing & Regeneration, LB Barnet
  • Kajal Daly, Head of Project Delivery, Notting Hill Genesis
  • Kosh Kar, Development Lead, Infrastructure Coordination Service, GLA Good Growth
  • Suzanne Lansley, Planning Policy, Urban Design & Infrastructure Manager, LB Redbridge
  • Ai-Ting Lim, Managing Surveyor, Barking Riverside Ltd
  • Labab Lubab, Development Programme Manager, LB Hammersmith & Fulham
  • Sarah May Kershaw, Head of Communications & External Relations, YMCA St Pauls
  • Sandra Perez, Managing Consultant, Inner Circle Consulting
  • Joss Taylor, Head of Enterprise & Placemaking, Bow Arts
  • Alina Toosy, Senior Architect, Pollard Thomas Edwards
  • Kate van den Driessche, Development Manager, Argent
  • Kevin White, Partner, Montagu Evans

Thanks to all of the LP10 mentors for their time, energy and support

  • Mark Baigent, Corporate Director of Regeneration & Culture, LB Redbridge
  • Ken Baikie, Ken Baikie Consulting
  • Andrea Baker, Director of Housing, Poplar HARCA
  • Greg Campbell, Partner, Campbell Tickell
  • Tracey Downie, Chief Executive, Women’s Pioneer Housing
  • Matthew Essex, Executive Director, Place, LB Kingston
  • André Gibbs, Partner, Argent
  • Jane Groom, Board Director, LCA
  • Caroline Harper, Chief Planner, Be First
  • Gerry Hughes, Managing Director, Gerry Hughes Consulting
  • David Lunts, Chief Executive, OPDC
  • Sean McLaughlin, Consultant
  • Peter O’Brien, Assistant Director, Regeneration, LB Haringey
  • Kate Pix, Regeneration Director, Kajima Partnerships
  • Neil Toner, Partner, Head of Real Estate, Devonshires
  • Sara Waller, Co-Strategic Director – Sustainable Growth & Opportunity, LB Lambeth
  • Ed Watson, Director,
  • Joanne Woodward, Chief Planning Officer

About Leaders Plus

Leaders Plus is a senior-level programme that provides candidates already in leadership roles with resources to manage increasing risk and responsibility. Key elements include: individually-matched mentors, insights from expert speakers and executive-level leadership workshops. Find out more here.

If you’re interested in applying or nominating a candidate, see the Leaders Plus page, then contact olivia@futureoflondon.org.uk.

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