Leading for way for cities #1: Arthur Kay – Homes for key workers

Future of London’s Leading the way for cities is an alumni-led series of events, podcasts and blog posts. It engages with city-makers in their aspirations for the future of our cities, drawing on their collective experience, ideas, resilience and leadership as we emerge from the pandemic.

The series seeks to re-appraise the status quo, bring fresh thinking to tricky issues. And help us to challenge ourselves on ways to be more ambitious for our cities, through our work.

For the first CityBites podcast episode in the series, LB Sutton Programme Manager and Alumni Rep Mandar Puranik speaks with Arthur Kay. Arthur is chair of the £100m Key Worker Homes Fund and Founder and CEO of Skyroom – an award-winning technology and urban development company which delivers precision-manufactured homes in the airspace above existing buildings.

With the pandemic highlighting the importance of our key workers, there is renewed focus in some sectors on supporting them wherever possible. One way is by ensuring they have affordable, quality homes in close proximity to their places of work. This often means city centre hospitals and health centres in areas with high house values which typically prices key workers out.

Despite the challenges, there is a way forward. This episode explores how funding and partnerships with local authorities, landlords and key workers can encourage innovative solutions. This approach which includes consistent engagement with local communities can deliver more affordable homes for key workers by building on top of existing buildings.

Listen to the CityBites episode here

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