Leading the way for cities #2: Adam Cossey – The future of civic centres

Future of London’s Leading the way for cities is an alumni-led series of events, podcasts and blog posts. It engages with city-makers in their aspirations for the future of our cities, drawing on their collective experience, ideas, resilience and leadership as we emerge from the pandemic.

The series seeks to re-appraise the status quo, bring fresh thinking to tricky issues, and help us to challenge ourselves on ways to be more ambitious for our cities, through our work.

In this episode Inner Circle Consulting’s Managing Consultant and Alumni Rep Katie Randall speaks with Adam Cossey, Partner and Civic, Community & Culture Sector Lead at Hawkins\Brown, about how councils are transforming their historic civic centres to meet modern needs.

Katie and Adam explore the challenges involved in getting this right, including the need to understand local demand and to deliver on net zero ambitions. They also discuss how the pandemic has accelerated council economic recovery plans in some cases and examine cases such as Waltham Forest’s town hall, being regenerated to deliver a new neighbourhood and cultural centre for council workers and local people.

We’re witnessing a workplace revolution… councils have been looking at this for quite some time and the last 18 months [of the pandemic] have allowed them to accelerate and deliver a new agile way of working.” Adam Cossey

Listen to the CityBites episode here

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Future of London has published a guide for councils, communities and social enterprises on how they can collaborate to deliver more public value from vacant or under-used buildings and how this approach can catalyse further investment in neighbourhoods. Find out more and read the guide here.

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