#LearningFromCrisis: Local Economic Recovery 2

Local strengths, external influences & long-term recovery

As we start to look beyond immediate crisis response, where should we focus to sustain, regain or rethink the investment, jobs and patterns critical to local economic vitality? In the second of a three-part series on local economic recovery, our guests share cross-sector perspectives on inward investment to London and local areas; on the socio-economic implications of decisions we make now, including for jobs; and on just how big a shift we may be in for.

FoL Executive Director and Coherent Cities Director Lisa Taylor hosted three insightful speakers:

  • Laura Citron, CEO, London & Partners – on prospects for high streets, hospitality and investment into the capital – and their impact on the city as a whole
  • Jonathan Martin, Director of Inward Investment, LB Waltham Forest – on long-term council strategy and finding ways to rebuild confidence
  • Morgan Reece, Montagu Evans Associate & Economist – on the socioeconomic impacts of workspace and high street evolution

Session video

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About the Learning from Crisis programme

#LearningFromCrisis is true to Future of London’s USP: Sharing practical cross-sector ideas across different formats; featuring next-wave and operational leaders; and bringing diversity in thought and participation to the wicked problems we face. This session was the second in a three-part series: Immediate response; Long-term recovery and paying for public projects. Visit FoL’s events page for details on upcoming events.

To get involved in FoL’s Learning From Crisis programme, contact Oli Pinch.