Leaders Plus 5: Proposals for London

Leaders Plus Round 5 wrapped up on 11 July, 2018 with their ‘Proposals for London’, a series of ambitious interventions inspired by the cohort’s course theme “Overcoming Barriers”, focused on physical obstacles such as road, rail and waterways; administrative/political boundaries, or broader professional barriers such as different organisational cultures. The presentations combined original research with out-of-the-box thinking and personal experience.

The audience included mentors, FoL board members, sponsors and friends of Future of London. The event was combined with the group’s graduation, and was kindly hosted by TLT Solicitors. All the guests voted on the proposals, with the following results:

Best overall

Stephen Morris, Associate, Pollard Thomas Edwards
Gran Designs 2019: Marketing a better retirement

Stephen Morris

By the year 2035, the population of London over the age of 60 is expected to reach almost 2m, an increase of 48%. New residential schemes in the centre of London will need to accommodate this shift, but are blocked by the current UK perception of what a ‘retirement property’ is. I propose a re-brand of retirement living in London, focused on the consumer, with the goal of invigorating market interest in Third-Age living and encouraging developers to actively include this in new developments, encouraging a vibrant, active and sustainable future for London’s neighbourhoods.

Most feasible idea

Ellen Storrar, Housing Policy Manager, Greater London Authority
London Local Labour Initiative

Ellen Storrar

The system for ensuring that development provides employment and training opportunities is not working – too many Section 106 obligations are unfulfilled and residents are not getting the high-quality opportunities they need. If the Mayor and boroughs are going to take Londoners with them on the journey to significantly increase housing delivery, we need a refreshed approach to ensure existing communities benefit from development in their area. The London Local Labour Initiative will help overcome barriers by providing a London-wide approach, giving people access to opportunities in their borough and across the capital.

Favourite idea (joint winners)

Mandar Puranik, Area Renewal & Regeneration Programme Manager, LB Sutton
Intensifying Industries: A sub-regional approach

Mandar Puranik

The London boroughs of Sutton, Merton and Croydon share boundaries at Beddington. The area includes Strategic Industrial Land, retail parks, waste recycling facilities, parks, Metropolitan Open Land, and residential neighbourhoods. Businesses that have invested in the area serve London and are part of the city’s complex supply chain. Running a business that operates across borough boundaries presents unique challenges, as addressing any issues involves partnership working between disparate stakeholders, governance layers and competing local and political priorities. My proposal will present a strategy to tackle such barriers and take advantage of opportunities by collaborating across the sub-region.

Kieron Hyams, Associate Director – Planning, Policy & Economics, Arup
Creating Capacity across Borough Boundaries: A Local Authority Training Hub

Kieron Hyams

Local authorities have endured resource cuts over the last decade, and built environment services have been hit hardest. Often the first thing to go is the training budget. However, staff need to be up to date on legislation, policies and good practice. It is inefficient for each borough to create its own learning materials when these could be more usefully pooled. My proposal is for an online training hub where users upload and download materials. Content would be user-generated on a ‘give to get’ incentivised basis. Quality would be assured through user reviews. What starts with a few slides could easily grow to videos, webinars and CPD logging for officers, members and subscribers.


Congratulations to all of the Leaders Plus Round 5 candidates!

  • Shehzad Ahmed, Economic Development Officer, LB Harrow
  • Joe Baker, Head of Carbon Management, LB Haringey
  • Gemma Bourne, General Manager – Sustainability, Lendlease
  • Matthew Dibben, Head of Employment, Skills & Enterprise, LB Brent
  • Neil Fenton, Head of Performance & Development, LB Lambeth
  • Lee Georgiou, Housing Needs & Refugee Services Manager, LB Lewisham
  • David Harley, Head of Regeneration, Be First
  • Kieron Hyams, Associate Director – Planning, Policy & Economics, Arup
  • Richard Irish, Finance Director, London Legacy Development Corporation
  • Vicky Joseph, Operations Manager, Notting Hill Genesis
  • Joe Marshall, Head of Business Development, Catalyst Housing
  • Bruce McVean, Strategic Transportation Group Manager, City of London
  • Stephen Morris, Associate, Pollard Thomas Edwards
  • Richard Murrell, Regional Development Manager, Peabody
  • Mandar Puranik, Area Renewal & Regeneration Programme Manager, LB Sutton
  • Alayna Stapleton, Development Manager & Estates Surveyor, LB Redbridge
  • Ellen Storrar, Housing Policy Manager, Greater London Authority

Thanks also to all of the LP5 mentors for their time, support and insight:

  • Mark Baigent, Interim Divisional Director – Housing & Regeneration, LB Tower Hamlets
  • Paul Beckett, Policy Performance Director, City of London
  • Greg Campbell, Partner, Campbell Tickell
  • Richard Cook, Head of Residential Development – Europe, Lendlease
  • André Gibbs, Partner, Argent
  • Pat Hayes, Managing Director, Be First
  • Elly Hoult, Programme Director – Integration, Notting Hill Genesis
  • Gerry Hughes, Chief Executive Officer, GVA
  • David Lunts, Executive Director, GLA Housing & Land
  • Anita Mitchell, Head of Sustainability – Europe, Lendlease
  • Paul Nichols, Divisional Director – Regeneration, Enterprise & Planning, LB Harrow
  • Iain Painting, Senior Planning Partner, Barton Willmore
  • Joanna Rowelle, Director of Integrated City Planning, Arup
  • Sharon Strutt, Head of Regneration, LB Redbridge
  • Ian Sutcliffe, Group Chief Executive, Countryside
  • Lucinda Turner, Director of Spatial Planning, Transport for London
  • Tony Westbrook, Head of Development, London Legacy Development Corporation
  • Joanna Woodward, Head of Planning & Building Control, LB Redbridge

Leaders Plus is sponsored by Argent and hosted by Lewis Silkin. The programme provides candidates already in leadership roles with resources to manage increasing risk and responsibility. Key elements of the programme include: mentoring and leadership. Find out more here.