Podcast: Party On? The night-time economy and London’s Covid recovery

In our new podcast, Laetitia Lucy of Arup and Mark Inger of the GLA consider how the night-time economy is part of a vision for London as a 24-hour city

When the pandemic lockdown shut London’s night-time economy overnight, the city became a ghost town. This highlighted starkly the importance of night-time economy to the city.

Now the Mayor is pushing on with the goal of a 24-hour city as an important part of the post-pandemic recovery, with the announcement of new night-time enterprise zones.

In this City Bites podcast, we hear from two urban practitioners who share their insights on the importance of the night-time economy to London’s recovery and its long-term economic success. For a start, it’s not just about pubs and clubs.

Laetitia Lucy is a social scientist working in the Integrated City Planning team at Arup with colleagues from economics, urban design, landscape architecture and planning disciplines.

Mark Inger is a senior policy officer working on night-time enterprise zones at the Greater London Authority.

Bhavna Brooker, spatial planning programme lead at Transport for London, chaired the discussion.

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What they said about the night-time economy

“It’s really hard to overstate just how important the night-time economy is to the culture and character of London and particularly central London. We often will fall into the trap of thinking that these are just sort of retail or bars, restaurants, arts and entertainment jobs. Actually it’s much more dominated by those in the logistics and storage, health, accommodation sectors. And it’s completely integral to to London’s kind of economic system.”

Laetitia Lucy, Arup

“Whilst the night-time economy in the traditional sense is important, we’re very focused on, like how London operates across the 24 hour period, and particularly that 12 hour period between 6pm and 6am. What’s it like for kind of people working at night? What’s it like people working in the NHS? People use the night-time economy regardless of what they’re doing in life.”

Mark Inger, GLA

Background information

Read about the Mayor of London’s plans for night-time enteprise zones.