Proposal for London: A Roof Plan for London

In the run-up to Future of London’s #Alumni500 celebration, the FoL team and Alumni reps have been sharing stories, issues and tips to celebrate the network’s impact and connections. Find them on the Alumni Network page or #CityBites podcast, also co-produced by alumni.

This is the third in our multi-media series, featuring a 5-minute virtual Proposal for London, a podcast and resources from Pollard Thomas Edwards associate and 2020 grad Peter Watkins.

If you’re interested in ways to make use of dead rooftop space, watch Peter’s 5-minute presentation (above) or listen to the short podcast (below). If you’re set to deliver a Proposal for London or Greater Manchester as part of a Leaders course, there are tips in this podcast or in the “Call to Green” Proposal for Greater Manchester from Arup’s Marc Watterson or in Swan Development Director Sarah Hall’s “Smarter Homes for Independent Living” Proposal (for anywhere, really!).

Finally, to see just a few examples of roof space brought to life, check out the resources below. Imagine how much more could be done with the easy assessment tool Peter’s proposed!

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