Proposal for London: Smart homes for independent living

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Sarah Hall is a Development Manager at Swan Housing and a graduate of Future London Leaders 25. Her Proposal for London was voted “favourite idea” – incorporating accessible tech into older people’s housing for greater support, independence and sustainability. Her summary, 5-minute online proposal and 7-minute interview are below, along with resources in case you’re interested in this work.

Like most strong Proposals, hers started from a personal place: thinking about how her grandparents’ quality of life could have been better in their later years with a little ‘smart support’. Read/view on…

FLL25 Proposals for London: Ageing in the Capital. Favourite Idea – joint winner

Future London Leaders 25: Proposals for London

Modern medicine has effectively resulted in us living twice as long in a little over a century. In London, the number of over-60s is predicted to increase to nearly 2 million by 2035 and the number of over-70s are expected to rise by 70%. The Covid-19 pandemic presents a pivotal moment in transforming how we support the ageing population. My proposal suggests how to maintain independent living later in life through making your home work smarter for you. It recognises the use of smart technology to support good physical and mental health and wellbeing of ageing Londoners and how to help create spaces tailored to our specific needs, with help to set up and use the tech.

Podcast interview:

Further resources:

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