Katya Veleva

Director | Blush Cloud

Professional background: Community, Architecture, Sustainability, Data & Analytics, EDI

Speaking experience: Keynote Speaker, Lecturer, Main Presenter, Panellist

Speaker topics: Work Place Inclusion, Inclusive Leadership, Gender & Sex Characteristics Diversity, Intersectionality, Vision, Mission and Values, Designing Mentoring Programs, How to Be a Great Mentor, An Immigrant’s Perspective on Change Management

Katya Veleva is a cross-industry Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) leader with a career that started in construction and architecture. With a robust background, Katya’s journey has seamlessly intertwined learning design, architectural practice, and EDI consultancy. Katya is an EMCC Senior Practitioner accredited leadership coach, passionately dedicated to fostering inclusive environments. Their impactful work empowers individuals and organisations to embrace diversity and equity, facilitating collaboration and innovation.
Katya’s career has seen remarkable achievements, from designing national and international mentoring programs to supporting industry giants like Grimahsw Architects, Google, Universal Music, SCJohnson and more. Their expertise extends from healthcare design and building information modelling to leadership development, learning design and Inclusion strategy. Recognised as an award-winning learning provider, Katya’s influence resonates globally, from addressing audiences at AU Las Vegas to being named one of the top 4 Construction Role Models at UK Construction Week.
In every endeavour, Katya’s commitment to creating spaces that embrace authenticity and celebrate diversity shines through, making them an invaluable voice in shaping inclusive workplaces and communities.

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