How do local authority housing companies deliver new homes?

Local authorities housing companies have ambitious goals. Bhavna Brooker visited a new development by Sixty Bricks to find out more. Local authority housing companies are shaping new approaches to developing homes across London and beyond. Members of our Local Authority Housing Company Network went to see a recently completed scheme … Read more

Collaboration is key to tackling London’s affordable housing crisis – new report

Mother holding daughter who is under 5 years old in a park in London

Working together can be hard if public and private sector partners have different objectives. Our report looks at new models of collaboration in funding, retrofit and community involvement. Collaboration between stakeholders including London boroughs, housing associations and for-profit investors is the key to tackling the capital’s housing crisis. This is … Read more

Future of London delivers new skills academy for housing development

Created by London housing directors, the Housing Development Academy will help London boroughs equip their staff with the skills needed to accelerate council-led housebuilding Future of London is proud to be delivering the newly launched Housing Development Academy created by the London Housing Directors’ Group with support from the Mayor … Read more

Lessons learned, from London to Lagos

To deliver the homes London needs we must address competing and urgent priorities. In this session, we heard from practitioners working in uniquely challenging circumstances, including the Grenfell Tower site in London, UK and in Lagos, Nigera.

Developing cultures of collaboration

To deliver the affordable housing needed, re-evaluating our current approach is crucial. In this workshop, delegates joined expert speakers for a skills surgery to explore collaborative working and the importance of “psychological safety” in organisations.