Report: Building Recovery Recommendations

Future of London’s major 2021 project – Building Recovery: Closing the Gap – shared successful approaches to tackling the equity gap from across the capital, as well as other UK and overseas cities. Linking to London’s recovery missions, themes included: upskilling for green and growth industries, affordable homes, public space, transport, and culture and the arts in London and beyond. The programme shone a light on innovative projects working to close the equity gap and explore how new ways of collaborating across sectors – including communities – can safeguard fairer cities for all.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought inequalities into sharp focus, and highlighted the urgency of the issues we face. Ethnic minority groups in the UK are almost twice as likely to live in poverty compared to white people. Nearly half of everyone in poverty is either a disabled person or lives with a disabled person. While we have all felt the social and economic impacts of the pandemic, we have not felt them equally.

When we consulted with our network of more than 5,000 built environment professionals at the end of 2020, recovery was understandably at the top of everyone’s agenda. and will continue to be one of the biggest challenges we face in coming years. Critical to this will be addressing the devastating impact of Covid on inequalities.

There is a strong sense of ambition within the built environment sector to ‘build back better’.  Launched in February 2022, our final recommendations report puts forwards strong, practical examples of how London is tackling inequalities, providing inspiration for the sector in London and beyond on how we can achieve this.

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