Overcoming Barriers conference: summary sneak preview

London’s biggest development sites and Opportunity Areas are often in neighbourhoods divided by roads, railways, waterways and other infrastructure or straddling neglected or contentious administrative borders. Development can bring its own challenges, marked out by red lines that can inflate land values and divide existing and new residents. Future of London’s full-day conference on 21 … Read more

Smarter Cities: Housing workshop

Smarter Cities: London social media usage. Image courtesy of Eric Fischer (https://www.flickr.com/photos/walkingsf/)

  Smart Cities are a hot topic, with great potential to address intractable urban problems through innovation – and with all hype and uncertainty that come with new areas of endeavour. Getting started with smart-city technologies and systems can seem overwhelming, but there are good reasons to engage. Join us … Read more

Smarter Cities: Infrastructure

GLA/Arup Infrastructure Mapping Application

As London grows, its infrastructure is coming under increasing strain. New infrastructure is needed to help deliver homes, move people around and improve the environment, and in a context of rapid change, up-to-date information is vital for making informed decisions about large-scale investment. Speakers at FoL’s 28 Sept Smarter Cities … Read more