Connecting communities in Colindale

On 8th October, Future of London visited Colindale in LB Barnet for the latest in our Communities in Transition series. Colindale is located at the western edge of Barnet, on the border with Brent, and is part of the Burnt Oak/Colindale Opportunity Area. An Area Action Plan drawn up in 2010 set a target of 10,000 new homes in the area by 2025, a … [Read more...]

Communities in Transition: Colindale

Our next Communities in Transition field trip will take visitors on a walking tour of Colindale's new developments, including the Grahame Park estate renewal programme and Barnet's new Open Space Strategy. Colindale is located at the western edge of LB Barnet, on the border with LB Brent; an Area Action Plan was drawn up in 2010, setting a … [Read more...]

Local authority partnerships in London and the Netherlands

On June 17th, Future of London and the Netherlands School of Public Administration (NSOB) joined forces to explore innovative approaches to public sector partnerships. Our City Hall seminar brought together expert practitioners to discuss this rapidly evolving area, and compare approaches in London, Utrecht and The Hague. London councils and … [Read more...]

Public sector partnerships in London and the Netherlands

More than ever, local authorities are working with external organisations to deliver public services. These public, private, community and third-sector partnerships allow local authorities to draw on outside expertise and provide vital public services at a time when there is pressure to reduce spending. Partnerships are used on different scales … [Read more...]

Spotlight: Temporary Town Hall signals Cricklewood renaissance

This month, we turn the spotlight on community-driven change in north-west London’s Cricklewood. Spread across three wards in three different boroughs – Barnet, Brent and Camden – Cricklewood faces issues common to town centres across the Capital, but which are exacerbated by the difficulties of providing services to an area crossing borough … [Read more...]

Spotlight: Mill Hill East Regeneration Scheme, Barnet

In our Spotlight feature, we look at some of the key projects being undertaken by members of Future of London. This month, we look at the planned regeneration of a large brownfield site at Mill Hill in the North London Borough of Barnet. London is currently experiencing a crisis in housing. One issue that has been brought up are the large … [Read more...]

Brent Cross Cricklewood: a truly major project

Brent Cross Cricklewood certainly lives up to its major projects title – as one of London’s largest regeneration schemes, Barnet Council’s vision is one of 7,500 new homes, a major extension to Brent Cross Shopping centre, the creation of 27,000 new jobs as well as 3 schools, new health care facilities, parks and open spaces and £400m in transport … [Read more...]