Localism in 2015 – A framework for devolution

In 2015, the term ‘localism’ seems outdated; even in 2011 when the Localism Act was passed, little of the thinking attached to it was new. However, the roots of the current Devolution Bill – arguably the ‘new localism’ – can be traced back to the Coalition agenda, which comprised not only the Localism Bill, but also broad public service reform and … [Read more...]

Forecasting Infrastructure Funding

With London’s population likely to hit 10 million by 2030, the GLA, TfL and London boroughs face increased pressure to expand their infrastructure to meet demand. The Mayor is currently working on an infrastructure plan for London, due in Spring 2014, which will outline what infrastructure is needed and how it will be provided. The key question is: … [Read more...]

Localism and London – planning seminar report

Future of London held a seminar on Localism in London and planning last week. In the panel session, Jo Wilson, Programme and Policy lead at Future of London, introduced the context of the debate into Future of London’s wider research programme, and set out some key questions to stimulate the debate. This was followed by Jane Everton, Deputy … [Read more...]

What next for affordable housing?

Future of London’s latest Housing Seminar ‘What next for affordable housing?’ played to a packed audience, reflecting the timeliness of this topic for London’s housing practitioners. Themes that resonated through the discussion included the likely scale of future challenge, need for a collaborative approach and importance of working now to be … [Read more...]

The Localism Bill: New Briefing Paper

To provide the context for our newly launched Localism Project, we are delighted to publish this briefing paper summarising key parts of the Localism Bill and some of the challenges it poses for policymakers in London. In particular, the paper provides detail on the new general power of competence for London Boroughs, new revenue streams such as … [Read more...]

Private sector renewal

Our event at London's Living Room covered various angles, each with a take on the role of the private sector in development and renewal in London.  Finally we got a bit more detail on what the role of London's Local Economic Partnership (LEP) will be from Mark Kleinman at the GLA.  Promoting skills and employment, attracting investment and … [Read more...]

9 June: Private Sector Renewal

The final session in our Development and Renewal series will look at how local authorities can best work with the private sector in securing development and renewal in London. With the creation of a London Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP), the introduction of the Community Infrastructure Levy and the planned localisation of business rates, … [Read more...]

The Community Infrastructure Levy in London

In this latest Future of London Policy Focus Paper, FoL Director Ben Harrison provides an overview of the key features of the Government's Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) - a new tool designed to generate additional infrastructure investment - before analysing the Mayor plans to introduce CIL to the capital. To download the paper, click … [Read more...]