Overcoming Barriers: redeveloping Euston

Opening in 1837, Euston was the first station to connect London with another city. At the same time, the station and the railway tracks leading to it have created a physical north-south and east-west barriers through the neighbourhood for decades. Over the next 15 years the station will be redeveloped, bringing high-speed rail … Read more

Crossrail regeneration update

Crossrail regeneration opportunities

As Crossrail draws closer to its launch date, Future of London is returning to our research on how Europe’s largest construction project is affecting development activity in the capital. Our 2014 report, Crossrail as Catalyst explored the ways local authorities were rising to the challenge of making sure areas with … Read more

Capturing Value – Briefing

Source: https://www.london.gov.uk/priorities/business-economy/vision-and-strategy/infrastructure-plan-2050

Our latest briefing paper on the London Infrastructure Plan 2050 examines how to harness property value uplift to fund London’s infrastructure needs, looking at existing powers and new options to consider.

Getting on the map

This excerpt from our Crossrail as Catalyst report explores the importance of perception along the route — especially for stations new to London’s Tube map.