Placemaking: Debating the definitions

Placemaking is everywhere, literally and figuratively. But what does it really mean and who gets to define it? Which is the more important driver – place or people? Can public, private and community placemaking priorities be better aligned to create places that work for everyone? And who should foot the bill? On 8 February, Future of London … [Read more...]

Future London Leaders Round 6 launch

On 25th September, we welcomed the sixth round of candidates on to our Future London Leaders programme. New Future of London partner Campbell Tickell sponsored the launch event at the Building Centre, where the 16 candidates were joined by programme mentors, facilitators, alumni and FoL partners for their induction evening and welcome … [Read more...]

Podcast: David Lunts on the future of housing in London

Here is the latest podcast from our London2062 work programme, undertaken jointly with University College London. This time we hear from David Lunts, Executive Director for Housing at the GLA, set out what he believes will be the major challenges for housing over the next fifty years. You can download this episode here. … [Read more...]

David Lunts on the impact of the CSR

David Lunts, Director of the London HCA found time at the Future of London Conference 2010 to talk to Regeneration and Renewal magazine about the range of potential impacts that the Comprehensive Spending Review could have on the delivery of housing in London over the coming years. Taking in factors such as new financing mechanisms and the impact … [Read more...]