‘Passing the Torch’ – Guiding regeneration in the Olympic boroughs

London 2012 promised both a successful global sporting event and a regeneration legacy spreading from its Stratford epicentre across London. The Games themselves were rightly seen as an international triumph; the long-term judgement will be based on how well they fulfil their promise to create new communities in East London, and on the wider … [Read more...]

Olympic Legacy – Better in every way?

As a companion to the Future of London 3-2-1 Living Legacies session on Olympic Park regeneration on July 11th, Interim Director Lisa Taylor contributed an article to Baselines London, comparing Montreal's 1976 Olympic legacy to London 2012. No surprise which city comes out on top, but there are one or two parallels worth considering before … [Read more...]

St Andrews, Bromley-by-Bow

Future of London organised a visit to the St Andrews housing development in Bromley-By-Bow, LB Tower Hamlets. Sited on the former grounds of a Victorian hospital, this all new-build scheme will provide 964 homes, of which 50 per cent will be affordable, plus PCT, community facilities and extensive public realm improvements. When we visited, the … [Read more...]

Site Visit: Bromley-by-Bow (E3)

This summer Future of London, in association with Barratt Homes, are holding three visits to current development projects. Full details and information regarding these visits will be posted on our Site Visits page. The first project we will be visiting is St Andrews, Bromley-by-Bow, E3, on Monday 25th June 2012, 9.30 - 11.30am. St Andrews is a … [Read more...]

Site visit – Olympic Park

Read on for Simon Cavanagh's report of the Future London Leaders visit to the Olympic park on 28 October: "It’s Friday afternoon in late October and I am being driven around the Olympic site with my Future London Leaders colleagues. The experience is strangely akin to the first act of Jurassic Park. Every couple of minutes brings a preview of … [Read more...]

The Future of Tech City

Future of London teamed up with Work Foundation and the Big Innovation Centre to discuss the big challenges facing Tech City in East London. We convened 30 individuals ranging from policymakers, educational institutions, investment agencies, academics, tech companies and independent experts to unpack the scale of opportunity presented by Tech City, … [Read more...]

Silicon Roundabout to Silicon Valley?

In September, Future of London and The Work Foundation are teaming up to explore the potential of Tech City. We'll be hosting a Roundtable event to investigate the development challenges and opportunities for the area. The Government has launched the East London Tech City initiative designed to build on the existing cluster of technology … [Read more...]

Olympic Park site visit

On a day of dramatic downpours accompanied by thunder and lightening in an otherwise unprecedentedly dry and sunny Spring, Future of London were taken on a tour of the Olympic Park by Stephen Wells, Operations Director of Mace. Mace are part of a partnership delivery vehicle for the Olympic Site called CLM (standing for the three companies … [Read more...]

London’s retail winners and losers

Our Development and Renewal seminar on 31 March looked at retail trends in London and at which areas stand to win or lose out as a result.  Change is afoot in the retail world; Stuart Morley, Head of Research at GVA warned that the strong growth in retail spending of the last decade is over and reduced disposable income and therefore spending will … [Read more...]

Digital economy seminar

Today I had the opportunity to hear some lively debate around the subject of the digital economy driving regeneration in the Thames Gateway hosted by Thames Gateway London Partnership (TGLP).  Illustrious names such as Will Hutton and Chairs Lord Falconer, and Chief Executive of TGLP, Ros Dunn, led an informative debate focusing on London and east … [Read more...]