London 2062: An economist dreams of a sustainable city

When imagining a London of 2062, it is easy to get excited about the possibility of personalised jet packs, hover cars and low-cost space travel. My personal hopes are just as fantastical: I want to see microwave oven-sized waste disposal machines, which generate energy and heat as a by-product, in every home; and 3-D printers that use … [Read more...]

Localism and Economic Development

FoL held the second seminar in our Localism programme on 18th January, which began with a four-strong panel: Jeremy Skinner of the GLA began with a useful overview of the challenges of associating London’s economy with the Localism agenda. These are partly geographical - many London boroughs are bypassed every day with the mass transit of people … [Read more...]

Localism in London and Economic Development

On Wednesday 18 January, from 13.00-16.30, we’re holding the second of three seminars on the government’s Localism agenda in London. Recent announcements have made clear that the economic outlook for the UK remains extremely challenging. London is at the heart of the UK economy, and yet by mid-2011 the number of unemployed people in London was … [Read more...]

The Localism Bill: New Briefing Paper

To provide the context for our newly launched Localism Project, we are delighted to publish this briefing paper summarising key parts of the Localism Bill and some of the challenges it poses for policymakers in London. In particular, the paper provides detail on the new general power of competence for London Boroughs, new revenue streams such as … [Read more...]

Localism In A Global City

The coalition government’s localism agenda promises to shift power from central government ‘back into the hands of individuals, communities and councils’. A bold and to many, a welcome commitment given the UK is one of the most centralised countries in Western Europe. But the implications of this commitment for our capital city cannot be … [Read more...]

Private sector renewal

Our event at London's Living Room covered various angles, each with a take on the role of the private sector in development and renewal in London.  Finally we got a bit more detail on what the role of London's Local Economic Partnership (LEP) will be from Mark Kleinman at the GLA.  Promoting skills and employment, attracting investment and … [Read more...]

A Green Deal for London?

Future of London hosted a roundtable discussion this morning looking at the mechanisms that will underpin the Government's proposals for a Green Deal. We heard from civil servants from within the Department for the Environment and Climate Change (DECC), as well as colleagues from across a number of London boroughs and the GLA. We also had … [Read more...]

Delivering localism: audience discussion

At our localism event a wide ranging debate ensued about the practical implementation of this agenda in London. Below are highlights from these exchanges that give a sense of the discussion. Q – What should the role of business be in the creation of neighbourhood plans? A – Clearly this will differ in different parts of London. In some parts … [Read more...]

London’s retail winners and losers

Our Development and Renewal seminar on 31 March looked at retail trends in London and at which areas stand to win or lose out as a result.  Change is afoot in the retail world; Stuart Morley, Head of Research at GVA warned that the strong growth in retail spending of the last decade is over and reduced disposable income and therefore spending will … [Read more...]

Boost for the ‘burbs from Boris

The Mayor of London announced yesterday that £50m is being made available to to regenerate  town centres in outer London.  This will be welcome news for the outer boroughs that Boris has been accused of neglecting in favour of high profile projects - the Olympics and Crossrail in particular.  One of the main planks of Boris's pledge was to support … [Read more...]