Press release: Engaging Private Landlords in Energy Efficiency

On 3rd December, Future of London, in partnership with EDF Energy, is launching our latest report: Engaging Private Landlords in Energy Efficiency. More details on the launch event are available here, and you can follow the event on Twitter with #PRSenergy and @futureofldn. Presentations and a write-up of the event will be available on our … [Read more...]

New project: Engaging Private Landlords in Energy Efficiency

The private rented sector is the Capital’s fastest-growing housing tenure, now accounting for more than 25% of London’s households. Yet this booming sector is failing many of its tenants, with 35% of properties below Decent Homes standards, and private renters disproportionately affected by fuel poverty, as well as uncontrolled rent rises and … [Read more...]

Getting the most from ECO and RE:NEW

Local authorities have a number of funding mechanisms available to them in meeting the challenge of cutting carbon waste and making homes energy efficient. But as most of the large scale projects, which offer the most obvious savings, have been completed, authorities have been left with a complex landscape of properties, funding mechanisms and … [Read more...]