Forecasting Infrastructure Funding

With London’s population likely to hit 10 million by 2030, the GLA, TfL and London boroughs face increased pressure to expand their infrastructure to meet demand. The Mayor is currently working on an infrastructure plan for London, due in Spring 2014, which will outline what infrastructure is needed and how it will be provided. The key question is: … [Read more...]

New details emerge on the London LEP

New details emerged yesterday regarding the make up and role of the London Local Enterprise Partnership ("LEP") at the final Future of London Development and Renewal Seminar. Exploring the implications for private sector growth in the capital, Mark Kleinman from the GLA gave us a run down of the latest proposals for the London LEP. The LEP … [Read more...]

Private sector renewal

Our event at London's Living Room covered various angles, each with a take on the role of the private sector in development and renewal in London.  Finally we got a bit more detail on what the role of London's Local Economic Partnership (LEP) will be from Mark Kleinman at the GLA.  Promoting skills and employment, attracting investment and … [Read more...]

Boost for the ‘burbs from Boris

The Mayor of London announced yesterday that £50m is being made available to to regenerate  town centres in outer London.  This will be welcome news for the outer boroughs that Boris has been accused of neglecting in favour of high profile projects - the Olympics and Crossrail in particular.  One of the main planks of Boris's pledge was to support … [Read more...]

Budget 2011: Going for growth?

For weeks now, the Government has insisted that the Budget 2011 would represent a package of pro-growth measures designed to boost the economy as the UK continues to recover from recession. So did it live up to the hype, and what are the implications for London? The answer is, as ever, both yes and no. While growth projections were downgraded to … [Read more...]

Budget 2011: Royal Docks in Newham gets Enterprise Zone status

As was widely touted before the Budget 2011, LB Newham has received Enterprise Zone status. The Budget contained proposals for 21 Enterprize Zones to be introduced in total, with a limit of one per Local Enterprise Partnership allowed. Given that London has a single LEP operating across the city, Chancellor George Osborne gave Mayor Boris Johnson … [Read more...]