Placemaking field trip: Thamesmead

With two housing zones, a committed DLR extension, a Crossrail station, over £1bn of investment and a place within the GLA’s Thames Estuary Production Corridor, Thamesmead appears set to overturn its negative reputation linked to the perceived failures of post-war planning. Previous Future of London programmes have reviewed estate renewal and … [Read more...]

Retrofit for… Event series with UCL

After the successful London 2062 events and follow-up book, Future of London is again collaborating with UCL’s Grand Challenges of Sustainable Cities. This May, we’re partnering to deliver a three-part series of panel discussions focused on non-domestic retrofit. Successful retrofit depends on a number of factors, including available technology, … [Read more...]

London 2062: The future for our cities in the next 50 years?

London 2062: where to start? Let’s face it; it is impossible to predict how our cities might change over the next 50 years, but we can speculate about what might happen if the UK, combined with other countries globally, failed to meet carbon reduction targets. Globally we are on a trajectory to medium or high global warming, and there is no … [Read more...]