London’s Opportunity Areas

Sources: Draft Further Alterations to the London Plan (2014) and individual OAPFs; contains Ordnance Survey data © Crown copyright and database right 2015 The latest version of the London Plan lists 38 Opportunity Areas and 7 Intensification Areas. In total, these cover almost 19,000 ha of land, with the potential to deliver a minimum 302,450 … [Read more...]

New paper: Working Beyond Boundaries

Consultation on the Mayor’s London Infrastructure Plan 2050 closes today, October 31st. To support this critical effort and help round out responses to the plan, Future of London has issued its first ‘London 2050’ briefing paper, on what must be done to smooth the capital’s inevitable expansion beyond Greater London Authority boundaries. In June … [Read more...]

Roundtable: Working Beyond Boundaries

Designed partly to supplement the Mayor’s draft Infrastructure Investment Plan, Future of London’s multi-part London 2050 programme looks at the spatial and practical aspects of accommodating growth. It started with an internal FoL Steering Group presentation, and expanded to a June 2014 session at City Hall: London 2050 – Grow up or grow out?. … [Read more...]

The London Plan – Strategic Planning or Micro Management?

On the afternoon of 4 April, Future of London held an event that brought together Future London Leaders past and present to discuss “The London Plan - Strategic Planning or Micro Management?” The event considered: • Whether the London Plan is an effective tool for tackling the city’s growing demographic challenges • How effective it is in … [Read more...]