Forecasting Infrastructure Funding

With London’s population likely to hit 10 million by 2030, the GLA, TfL and London boroughs face increased pressure to expand their infrastructure to meet demand. The Mayor is currently working on an infrastructure plan for London, due in Spring 2014, which will outline what infrastructure is needed and how it will be provided. The key question is: … [Read more...]

Regenerating New Southgate

The regeneration of Ladderswood is one of the key projects in the New Southgate masterplan which was adopted in February of this year (2011). The visit was on a bright and sunny day and many attending where principally from other boroughs. The site visit started with a walk around, followed by a presentation by Suzanne Johnson from the Planning … [Read more...]

Future London Leaders – Project Tracker

We joined Urban Initiatives for a knowledge sharing session yesterday, where six of our Future London Leaders - Sharon Strutt, Julia Williams, Shelley Browne, Jodie Yandall, Tom Dewey, Tom King - presented the findings from their work tracking three of London's live major projects. See their presentations from the event below. For more work from … [Read more...]

New Southgate Ladderswood Site Visit

The next Future of London Major Project Site Visit heads to the New Southgate Ladderswood Estate and the A406 Properties, taking place on 24 March. The regeneration of Ladderswood is one of the first projects in the New Southgate masterplan. The masterplan was adopted in February 2011, and it sets out where new development in the area will … [Read more...]

Housing reforms and major project delivery

Last week saw the final Major Projects Delivery Group session of 2010. Hosted by SNR Denton, the session focussed on the potential impact of the Coalition Government's new housing reforms on the delivery of major projects across London. Representatives from a range of London Boroughs, including Barnet, Barking, Camden and Waltham Forest, as well as … [Read more...]

FoL Major Projects Site Visits

Following the success of the first round of Future of London site visits, we are pleased to announce the next wave of visits, to commence on 17 November 2010. These events are free to all Future of London Members. Spaces are limited and will be allocated on a first come basis. Exact time and agenda will be confirmed prior to the date. For more … [Read more...]