Localism in 2015 – A framework for devolution

In 2015, the term ‘localism’ seems outdated; even in 2011 when the Localism Act was passed, little of the thinking attached to it was new. However, the roots of the current Devolution Bill – arguably the ‘new localism’ – can be traced back to the Coalition agenda, which comprised not only the Localism Bill, but also broad public service reform and … [Read more...]

Linking poverty, inequality and health

We held the second seminar in our Delivering Public Health series on May 15th, with a focus on the impact of poverty and inequality on increasing health outcomes at local level. Laura Austin Croft, who leads on the GLA’s health inequalities work, started us off. She was involved in the development of the Health Inequalities Strategy in 2010, and … [Read more...]

What next for affordable housing?

Future of London’s latest Housing Seminar ‘What next for affordable housing?’ played to a packed audience, reflecting the timeliness of this topic for London’s housing practitioners. Themes that resonated through the discussion included the likely scale of future challenge, need for a collaborative approach and importance of working now to be … [Read more...]

New ways to pay

Bitty, scrappy, messy and non-strategic. That is the way that housing and regeneration in London will be funded (if at all) in the coming years. That was the conclusion of the contributors and audience today at the third in Future of London’s Breakfast Seminar series: New Ways to Pay. Delivery will rely on the different ways a borough can stitch … [Read more...]

New Ways to Pay

Tuesday April 5, 2011 - Tuesday April 5, 2011 Navigant Map and Directions | Register Description: This event will look at the tools available to the public and private sector to sustain housing and regeneration delivery using TIF, the New Homes Bonus and more. Places for the event are now fully booked. Register … [Read more...]

MIPIM 2011 – paying for growth with growth?

It's that time of year again where big players in the development industry from all sectors head to MIPIM to network and discuss the major issues of the day. The most pressing of these issues undoubtedly surrounds the financing of infrastructure investments in the context of significantly reduced public sector expenditure. This was the theme of … [Read more...]

Delivery in uncertain times

The second instalment in this year's Breakfast Seminar Series turned its gaze on the new institutional landscape, as quangos have been hoisted on to the bonfire, or if not, have at least been left with singed eyebrows and minor smoke inhalation.  Our panel comprised Dick Sorabji - London Councils, Nick Taylor - HCA, Toby Lloyd - Shelter, Mark … [Read more...]

London Boroughs to recieve £40m ‘New Homes Bonus’

Data released from CLG this week indicates that London Boroughs will receive just under £40 million in New Homes Bonus payments in the first year of the scheme, reflecting the 26,000 new units built in London between October 2009 and 2010. Extrapolating this data for new housing completions, CLG anticipates that London Boroughs will receive around … [Read more...]

The new Affordable Homes Programme in London

Future of London tackled the issues emanating from the recently published Affordable Homes Programme Framework for 2011 - 2015 this week. The new Framework represents a significant change in the funding landscape for affordable housing, with grants being all but eliminated, potential affordable rent levels going up to a limit of 80% of market … [Read more...]