The Royal Docks

We took the current round of Future London Leaders on a trip around the Royal Docks. The buffeting winds and relentless rain, accentuated by the riverside location, were less than favourable conditions for viewing an area still very much in transition – for most people, the Docks are that strange part of London one travels through en route to the … [Read more...]

Budget 2011: Going for growth?

For weeks now, the Government has insisted that the Budget 2011 would represent a package of pro-growth measures designed to boost the economy as the UK continues to recover from recession. So did it live up to the hype, and what are the implications for London? The answer is, as ever, both yes and no. While growth projections were downgraded to … [Read more...]

Budget 2011: Royal Docks in Newham gets Enterprise Zone status

As was widely touted before the Budget 2011, LB Newham has received Enterprise Zone status. The Budget contained proposals for 21 Enterprize Zones to be introduced in total, with a limit of one per Local Enterprise Partnership allowed. Given that London has a single LEP operating across the city, Chancellor George Osborne gave Mayor Boris Johnson … [Read more...]

The Vision of The Royal Docks

For someone who hasn’t ventured into this corner of East London before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. For many years we’ve been hearing about master plans and grand designs to regenerate these parts, most of which came to nothing. As a result, my “default” position as I entered Newham Council offices on that morning was to be a bit sceptical about … [Read more...]

FoL Site Visits: The Royal Docks

Following last month's trip to the Blackhorse Lane regeneration project, we're pleased to announce the next in the series of our Major Project Site Visits takes place on Thursday 24th February, to The Royal Docks in LB Newham. The Royal Docks has historically been a gateway between London and its global markets: a centre for transactions and … [Read more...]

Financing infrastructure – what are the options?

The second instalment of our Development and Renewal series took us to Battersea Power Station on 20 January, looking at financing mechanisms to pump prime infrastructure delivery. Clive Dutton, Executive Director for Regeneration, Planning and Property at LB Newham spoke about the different approaches the borough is taking to secure investment, in … [Read more...]