New anthology – London’s Transport Network: Adaptation and evolution

In Spring 2013, Future of London began looking at transport planning in London, and at how it can adapt to changes in demographics and urban form, and influence sustainable travel choices. In partnership with Transport for London, we ran a three-part seminar series – ‘London’s Transport Network: Adaptation and evolution’ – that examined adapting to … [Read more...]

Imagining the Future City: London 2062

Last week, we participated in the launch of Imagining the Future City: London 2062, a cross-sector anthology that approaches the question of London’s future. The book is the culmination of Future of London’s work on the London 2062 programme headed by UCL’s Grand Challenge on Sustainable Cities. In Spring 2012, we partnered with UCL to … [Read more...]

Localism, two years on

Two years ago today, the Localism Act received Royal Assent.  With it came a suite of reforms across the UK purported to empower both local authorities and the communities they serve, ranging from the New Homes Bonus to the General Power of Competence. In London, localism came with particular significance as Mayoral planning, regeneration and … [Read more...]

Planning for school places

As London’s population continues to rise, and with the country’s highest birth rates, local authorities across the capital region face rapidly increasing demand for school places. Boroughs have a statutory requirement to provide a school place for every child, and many schools are already operating at full capacity. While the current shortage is … [Read more...]

LandAid Debate 2013 on London’s competitiveness

Last night, I attended the property industry's charity LandAid's annual debate in London's City Hall, which was called: "Competitive Cities: can London stay ahead of the game?". The five key speakers for the evening included: Sir Edward Lister, Chief of Staff and Deputy Mayor of London for Policy and Planning; the academic Prof Ricky Burdett of … [Read more...]

London’s transport network: Adaptation and evolution

We are pleased to announce a new series of events in partnership with Transport for London looking at transport planning in London and how it can adapt to shifts in demographics and geographies, and influence sustainable travel choices. The transport network is vital to London’s sustainable and prosperous future. Large amounts of investment are … [Read more...]

Localism and planning – workshop outcomes

As part of our workshop focusing on the impact of the Government’s localism agenda on London planning, we facilitated a session in which two groups of ten participants examined the potential impact of a series of specific reforms for London. Participants were drawn from a mix of local and London-wide government, the private sector, and think tanks, … [Read more...]

Localism in London – the Implications for Planning

On Wednesday 9 November, we’re holding the first of three seminars on the government’s localism agenda on London. Focusing on planning, it will be a roundtable discussion, looking at the implications of the planning aspects of the Localism Bill. We will consider how such reforms will be managed across London’s complex tiers of governance, and how … [Read more...]

New Project: Localism in London

Future of London is delighted to announce that we are launching a new workstream focussing on the implementation of Localism in London. Drawing on case study work, stakeholder interviews and expert contributions, Future of London is going to provide practical examples and recommendations of how the Government's Localism agenda can best be delivered … [Read more...]

Delivering localism: audience discussion

At our localism event a wide ranging debate ensued about the practical implementation of this agenda in London. Below are highlights from these exchanges that give a sense of the discussion. Q – What should the role of business be in the creation of neighbourhood plans? A – Clearly this will differ in different parts of London. In some parts … [Read more...]