The Royal Docks

We took the current round of Future London Leaders on a trip around the Royal Docks. The buffeting winds and relentless rain, accentuated by the riverside location, were less than favourable conditions for viewing an area still very much in transition – for most people, the Docks are that strange part of London one travels through en route to the … [Read more...]

Private sector renewal

Our event at London's Living Room covered various angles, each with a take on the role of the private sector in development and renewal in London.  Finally we got a bit more detail on what the role of London's Local Economic Partnership (LEP) will be from Mark Kleinman at the GLA.  Promoting skills and employment, attracting investment and … [Read more...]

FoL Site Visits: The Royal Docks

Following last month's trip to the Blackhorse Lane regeneration project, we're pleased to announce the next in the series of our Major Project Site Visits takes place on Thursday 24th February, to The Royal Docks in LB Newham. The Royal Docks has historically been a gateway between London and its global markets: a centre for transactions and … [Read more...]