Pathways to better pay

Low pay affects around 20% of people working in London, a figure that has stayed fairly constant over the last 20 years. As income distribution becomes increasingly polarised, low-paid work has gained greater importance from a policy perspective: not only are those living in poverty now more likely to be working than unemployed, but the guidelines … [Read more...]

Seminar: Tackling Low Pay in London

Over the last 10 years, London’s predominant poverty demographic has shifted from workless to working: there are now over 1.1 million people living in low-income households where at least one adult is working. The London Living Wage is gaining acceptance as a way to tackle the problem of low incomes, functioning as both a campaign tool and a … [Read more...]

Linking poverty, inequality and health

We held the second seminar in our Delivering Public Health series on May 15th, with a focus on the impact of poverty and inequality on increasing health outcomes at local level. Laura Austin Croft, who leads on the GLA’s health inequalities work, started us off. She was involved in the development of the Health Inequalities Strategy in 2010, and … [Read more...]