City Makers’ Forum: London’s Green Recovery

City Makers Forum: London's Green Recovery, Olympic park image

This City Makers’ Forum invited cross-sector speakers working at the frontline of London’s recovery response to assess London’s ambitions for a green recovery. Can we capitalise on this opportunity, and pull together to leverage public support and political will, to ultimately deliver a recovery that is fair and equitable for all?

Spotlight on transparency: One to consider, one to do, one to watch

These are complicated times for communication: citizens are often angry and/or confused, byzantine data requirements are tying up organisations of all kinds, and “real time” has a sort of elasticity where sector processes can take ages but sector gossip travels faster than light. We’ve been hearing lots of people in … Read more

Alumni Event: London’s Dirty Air

Air pollution is one of the biggest challenges facing London. On Tuesday 4 September, FoL’s Alumni Network event kicked off with provocations from speakers combating poor air quality at international, regional, borough and local levels: who is taking the hit from our dirty air, and what can be done about … Read more

Smarter Cities: Delivery

Stella Lam, TfL

Our latest Smarter Cities workshop gave attendees an insight into how to get new ‘smart’ projects off the ground, and some issues to look out for.

Forecasting Infrastructure Funding

With London’s population set to soar, local authorities face huge pressure to expand infrastructure, but the key question is: how will we pay for it all? Our seminar looked at how CIL, TIF, and demand management can play a role.