Capturing Value – Briefing

Everything in the London Infrastructure Plan 2050 comes back to investment. Upgrading and building the systems required to accommodate London’s growth to 2050 could cost up to £1.3tn. This means almost twice the current expenditure by 2025, a gap which cannot be covered by the public sector. New mechanisms are needed – and the property market … [Read more...]

Forecasting Infrastructure Funding

With London’s population likely to hit 10 million by 2030, the GLA, TfL and London boroughs face increased pressure to expand their infrastructure to meet demand. The Mayor is currently working on an infrastructure plan for London, due in Spring 2014, which will outline what infrastructure is needed and how it will be provided. The key question is: … [Read more...]

Assessing the potential for TIF to drive growth in London

Ahead of the publication of the Local Finance Bill, Future of London is holding a senior seminar with the GLA to discuss the potential for tax increment financing to drive growth and development across London, and the potential for TIF at a local level. While the Government has put forward TIF as a tool to support the delivery of major … [Read more...]

The Local Finance Bill Digested

A key plank of the Government’s Localism Agenda upon assuming office was the implementation of major financial devolution to local authorities across the country. Faced with a stagnating economy, the need to incentivise local areas to promote growth has become all the more urgent. It is within this context that the Government launched its Local … [Read more...]

What next for affordable housing?

Future of London’s latest Housing Seminar ‘What next for affordable housing?’ played to a packed audience, reflecting the timeliness of this topic for London’s housing practitioners. Themes that resonated through the discussion included the likely scale of future challenge, need for a collaborative approach and importance of working now to be … [Read more...]

New Ways to Pay

Tuesday April 5, 2011 - Tuesday April 5, 2011 Navigant Map and Directions | Register Description: This event will look at the tools available to the public and private sector to sustain housing and regeneration delivery using TIF, the New Homes Bonus and more. Places for the event are now fully booked. Register … [Read more...]

MIPIM 2011 – paying for growth with growth?

It's that time of year again where big players in the development industry from all sectors head to MIPIM to network and discuss the major issues of the day. The most pressing of these issues undoubtedly surrounds the financing of infrastructure investments in the context of significantly reduced public sector expenditure. This was the theme of … [Read more...]

Andrew Screen on TIF

Andrew Screen, Head of GVA Financial Consulting spoke at our Development and Renewal event on 20 January, about financing infrastructure, including an overview of tax increment financing and a charge over land mechanism that local authorities might want to consider to secure upfront investment in project infrastructure.  After the event we asked … [Read more...]

Financing infrastructure – what are the options?

The second instalment of our Development and Renewal series took us to Battersea Power Station on 20 January, looking at financing mechanisms to pump prime infrastructure delivery. Clive Dutton, Executive Director for Regeneration, Planning and Property at LB Newham spoke about the different approaches the borough is taking to secure investment, in … [Read more...]

Nick Clegg announces Tax Increment Financing

Nick Clegg today used his keynote Conference speech to declare that the Government would be introducing new powers for local authorities that would allow them to borrow against projected future income streams. In other words, Tax Increment Financing as used in the US, and Accelerated Development Zones in a UK context. This is a potentially … [Read more...]