Pathways to better pay

Low pay affects around 20% of people working in London, a figure that has stayed fairly constant over the last 20 years. As income distribution becomes increasingly polarised, low-paid work has gained greater importance from a policy perspective: not only are those living in poverty now more likely to be working than unemployed, but the guidelines … [Read more...]

The Future of Tech City

Future of London teamed up with Work Foundation and the Big Innovation Centre to discuss the big challenges facing Tech City in East London. We convened 30 individuals ranging from policymakers, educational institutions, investment agencies, academics, tech companies and independent experts to unpack the scale of opportunity presented by Tech City, … [Read more...]

Silicon Roundabout to Silicon Valley?

In September, Future of London and The Work Foundation are teaming up to explore the potential of Tech City. We'll be hosting a Roundtable event to investigate the development challenges and opportunities for the area. The Government has launched the East London Tech City initiative designed to build on the existing cluster of technology … [Read more...]