Cany Ash

Speaking experience: Panellist | Chair/moderator

Cany Ash is a co-founder of Ash Sakula Architects, one of the UK’s leading housing and regeneration architects. The practice was Supreme Winner in the 2016 Housing Design Award for the Malings, a new riverside neighbourhood in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. In 2017 its 475 home Wickside project was Overall Winner in the New London Architecture Awards. Detailed planning permission for a neighbourhood of 44 low carbon homes was just granted in the South Downs National Park which will kickstart the ambitious 700 home Phoenix neighbourhood for the developers Human Nature in Lewes.

Alongside its architectural work, Ash Sakula has pursued ‘constructive propaganda’ through a series of projects captured in short films and websites; Collective Custom Build, Adaptable Neighbourhoods, the Meanwhile London Caravanserai, and an alternative Anglia Square in Norwich for Historic England, and now Profitable Neighbourhoods. The common theme is a focus on community wealth building as part of the construction of a sustainable architectural culture, supporting diverse skills and imaginative effort; embedding opportunities for local people to craft their own shared spaces over time.